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Welcome to Live Oaks Catering. Over the last several years, our staff members have helped add countless touches to special days just like yours. We’re proud to serve homemade food from our home base in Kyle, Texas.

Whether you want Italian elegance for wedding catering, Mexican flair for a holiday party, classic Texas BBQ event catering, or comforting American, Live Oaks Catering delivers.

We customize every item of homemade food for your event and don’t believe in standard packaging. Instead, we focus on creating a wedding or event catering plan unique to you and your guests. We offer complete catering services so you can enjoy your special day or event without worrying about the food.

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Live Oaks Catering’s Philosophy

We understand that every venue, organizer, and guest list is unique. Our philosophy is that there is no standard event. Instead, we work with each event organizer to design a custom event catering plan for these individual needs. Our plans are fully customizable from the first call, up until seven days before the event.

At Live Oaks Catering, we also believe that quality food should be enjoyed by everyone at the event. We hand-make every item for wedding and event catering from scratch. We ensure that there will be enough food for your guests and you even get to take the leftovers home with you!

We handle everything related to food at your event with our professional staff. From setup to serving to teardown, we take care of all the pieces so there is one less thing to worry about during the event. Our service is what sets us apart among Kyle food caterers.

The Live Oaks Catering staff will ensure that the food at your event is delicious, memorable, and perfect for the occasion. Whether you need a wedding or other event catering, we’re here to help.

How to Get Started with

Live Oaks Catering

Live Oaks Catering aims to make your event or wedding catering simple. To start, we only need to know your contact information, venue, and event date. Once you fill out our contact us form, we can start to build your custom package.

We collaborate to build a menu that works for your event and guest list. We even hold free tastings to ensure everything is exactly how you envisioned it for your special day or event.

With Live Oaks Catering, you can rely on our experience as your guide. We work with you to create the perfect menu and actively communicate during every step of the process. Plus, if something changes, we adapt to meet your needs.
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We look forward to working with you for your next special event.
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